Saturday, April 16, 2016

About This Blog

A lot of travel blogs are about people traveling somewhere for the first time, but their perspective is often limited because they haven't traveled much yet and their only point of reference is their home town. Some travel blogs are by people who specialize in travel, and their view is too academic.

I'm just a regular guy with an average knowledge of geography and history who's traveled a ridiculous amount. (I have unlimited international iPhone data and am usually Googling things while I'm standing in front of them.) The more I travel, the more my perspective of a destination changes to be viewed in relation to the world instead of in relation to my home town. (Since my hometown is Fort Worth, Texas, you can imagine how much that perspective has changed!)

My goal with this blog is to write primarily about my past travel experiences from the perspective of an average person who just loves to travel and experience new things. My experiences run the gamut from the presidential suite at Conrad Hilton in Tokyo to a hostel in Copenhagen to a straw bed on an island on Lake Titicaca in Peru to an apartment in Paris.

Many of you will have traveled the same places and I'd love to hear your perspective of visiting these places in the comments area. Meeting other people and hearing their views is one of the best parts about travel!

I currently live in Orlando, Florida. If you have any questions or have a particular travel destination you're curious about, feel free to contact me and I'm happy to write a post about it if I've been there.

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